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Spread Some Sunshine's Covid_19 Update!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We hope that you are keeping well and staying safe through these strange times. At Spread Some Sunshine we are continuing to do what we can to support vulnerable children while adapting to new ways of working. Below is an update of some of the things we have been doing during lock down:

  • Due to travel restrictions, we have been unable to provide birthday gifts for many of the children we support. However we are still able to provide them for an orphanage we work with in South Africa and the children have enjoyed their presents and cakes during these unsettling times.

  • We have ceased gifts in India temporarily as food and medicine is a priority. We have funded food parcels for HIV orphanages as well as vulnerable families in the community struggling to eat and families in leprosy colonies. We also continue to fund our Sunshine House which homes ten vulnerable women.

  • Sadly, domestic violence is currently on the rise. As we are unable to arrange fun days out for children living in refuges as we normally would, we have instead been sending arts and craft kits, books and toys for the children to enjoy.

  • Our colour therapy sessions for children with acquired head injuries have been postponed until safe to carry out.

  • Human trafficking continues to be a shocking reality in the UK. We have taken advantage of people sorting out lofts and garages while at home and have collected 9 car loads and 2 van loads of unwanted baby equipment, toiletries, clothes and toys for vulnerable women and their children living in safe houses in the UK

  • We have had to adapt to new fundraising ideas. On hearing her place in the London Marathon had been postponed, one savvy supporter decided to run the equivalent distance around the Brighton Lawns and raised over £300. We are currently planning an alternative plan for our 26 runners due to take part in the British 10k and working on our Christmas gift collection and our 2021 annual calendar ideas.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your continued kindness and support. You have enabled us to help many children and we are extremely grateful.

Take care and stay safe,

Faye and team x

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