'Helping bring smiles to children
across the world'

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A bit about Spread Some Sunshine

One of the trustees of Spread Some Sunshine (Faye) is cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic and the co-founder of a small volunteering company called Real Volunteers. Following a trip to Kenya to look at two schools in desperate need of help, Faye and her friends felt motivated to raise some funds to help purchase desks and teaching materials. The girls stripped naked for a calendar and collected a whopping £4000! It made a real difference to dozens of children's lives.

Faye also regularly visited a small orphanage when flying to Ghana with work. Before long, all of her friends became actively involved in supporting the children there: they bought birthday gifts as the children had never celebrated their special day before, donated clothes and toys, bought beds, matresses, toiletries and much more. Word spread, more and more people wanted to help and Faye was inundated with kind offers. Eventually, the girls decided to make it official and take the plunge to set up a charity (which proved a darn sight trickier than getting their kit off!) Today, SSS is equally run by 5 trustess and benefits from scores of friends and supporters. Our belief is that everyone can make small gestures that have great impacts. Something so small can bring a smile to someone, somewhere. As the late Mother Theresa said, "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."

We now collectively fundraise to help small projects with very little financial support overseas, as well as supporting children's charities nearer to home in the UK.

So please help us in our plight and give what you can to help spread some sunshine to some very special children's lives.

The Trustees

Spread Some Sunshine is run by 5 trustess. They are all friends and they are all passionate about spreading the word and providing a voice for those who cannot be heard. Together they try to make a difference and to brighten up the lives of impoverished children all over the world (as well as doing their day jobs!)

It has sometimes been tough. They have had to beg, borrow and (practically) steal! They have had to learn to become fundraisers, sponsors, collectors, accountants, bankers, designers, barterers and much more! They have travelled far and wide and spent many sleepless nights racking their brains about how they can help.

They have had to accept that they cannot help every little star that they have met. But if they can help a few to shine, it's a start. The support which the trustees have received has been overwhelming and the rewards at seeing so many smiles, unimaginable.

So please, donate whatever you can - whether that be time, money, toys or ideas and help us to Spread Some Sunshine!